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We reach out to all free spirits in the world who just like us believe, that life tastes goodand that it should be enjoyed to the fullest. We are promoting the Bon Vivant lifestyle. We want to bring more joy to a world in disorder. Encouraging people to celebrate life more often. More happiness. More intensity. More goosebumps. More bon vivant moments…


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Our Wines

We offer a tasteful, accessible, affordable quality wine for any location and occasions in combination with a positive feeling because of the name ‘bon vivant’. Our wines bring something extra to the table: feeling of happiness, of celebration!



This wine is the result of the meeting of 4 typical elements of our beautiful region: the water that brings life and maturity, the earth that influences the aromas, the winds that protect the vines against humidity and the sun that fills the grapes with softness, colours and flavours.

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This specific Viognier is sourced from clay-based terroirs, as this soil type tends to stay cooler and retain water, which is particularly well adapted to this delicate varietal.Thanks to a beautiful southern exposure and a proper water drainage, the vines produce fresh aromatic wines with an elegant minerality.

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Elegant dress with green reflections Intense nose and elegant woody taste that combine perfectly with the presence of notes of white flowers. Round on the palate with a remarkable finish, persistent, fresh and fruity

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This varietal and vegetal wine, lightly toasted and dominated by notes of vanilla, we find a voluminous wine on the palate with supple tannins

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Pinot Noir

Purple colour with morello cherry flavours Expressive nose Round, light and long on the palate with a remarkable peaty and vegetal finish.

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we are bon vivant

And we reach out to all free spirits in the world who just like us believe, that life tastes good and that it should be enjoyed to the fullest.

Yes, we are the passionate ones who celebrate life,together with our friends, family and lovers. We create, collect and cherish those special moments, when we reflect, feel free, alive and kicking.

For those memorable moments we bottled our elegant Bon Vivant assortment of tasteful quality red, rose and white wines, grown in the authentic vineyards in the Pays D’oc de France. Accessible and affordable for any occasion & location.

We are on a mission. To bring more joy to the world. Encouraging people to celebrate life more often. In a stylish and responsible way. To live life like a Bon Vivant!

To all Bons Vivants out there,let’s raise our glass and say cheers to the good life!

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